Avishkar Competition

Dr. M.S.Tamboli as an In charge of the Research Committee organized College level Avishkar competition to promote students’ research on 24th January 2020. Forty two teams having more than 100 students participated in the competition. Dr. M.F.Shaikh of Anand  College, Pathardi worked as a Referee for the competition.

Inauguration of the Avishkar Competition at the hands of Dr. Muktar Shaikh.

Five best projects were selected:

  1. Spirulina – by Bhagyashree Wandhekar (F.Y.BSc.)
  2. Krushi Yashogatha – by Nitin Tathe and Dadasaheb Surase ( T.Y. Computer Science)
  3. Photocemical Screening of Leaves of Tibullus Terestris by Vikas Jagdale and Ganesh jivade (M.Sc.II)
  4. Marathyanchya Itihasachi Sandharbh Sadhane by Sarthak Shahapurkar and Gokul Andhale (T.Y.B.A. History Dept.)
  5. Learning English using Mobile Applications by Rahul Mali, Rusikesh Nehul and Riyaz Shaikh ( S.Y.B.A.)

These students were awarded with the auspicious hands  of  MLA Monikatai Rajale on 5th December 2020

Poster presentations by the participants of Computer Science
Ms.Bhagyashri Wandhkar (FYBSC)   demonstrating her project on Spirulina

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