Students should follow the following code of conduct:

  1. All the students should be abide by Act, Statutes, Ordinances, rules, policies, procedures of the university and respect its ideals, vision, mission, cultural practices and the traditions.
  2. Students should stay in an academic institution with the joyful learning experience.
  3. Students should remain punctual, disciplined and regular in attending classes.
  4. Students should observe modesty in their overall appearance and behaviour.
  5. Students should behave with dignity and courtesy with teachers, staff and fellow students.
  6. Students should act as a role model for the junior students by attaining the highest level of values and morality.
  7. Students should maintain harmony among students belonging to different socio-economic status, community, caste, religion or region.
  8. Students should contribute towards cleanliness of the campus and surroundings.
  9. All the students should respect and care for the institutional properties.
  10. They must observe proper behaviour while on outside activities (educational tour/visit or excursion).
  11. They should be honest in providing only truthful information on all documents.
  12. They should maintain the highest standards of academic integrity while presenting own academic work.
  13. They should help teachers in maintaining the learning environment conducive for all students.
  14. Students should strive to keep campus ragging free. Inculcation of Human Values and Professional Ethics in HEIs
  15. Students should be sensitive to gender issues.
  16. They need to be sensitive to societal needs and development.
  17. They should maintain good health and refrain from any kind of intoxicants.