department of computer science

(संगणकशास्र विभाग )​


            Department of Computer Science was established in 2010. Since its establishment the Department has played a key role in the overall development of the College. The Department has well-equipped Laboratory and conducts level course. The faculty members in the department are working very hard to provide quality education to all students. The department is running smoothly under proper guidance of Shri. Shivajirao Rajale (Chairman – College Development Committee), Shri. Rahul Rajale (Trustee – Dadapatil Rajale Shikshan Sanstha’s) and Dr. R. J. Temkar (Principal – Dadapatil Rajale Arts & Science College, Adinathnagar). Most of the alumni of the department are employed in various government, non-government organizations and in IT industries. Many expert teachers have visited the Department and delivered lectures on various occasions. The Department makes all efforts to develop the skills in Computer Language practical and research for the students. Teaching-Learning is made more learner center with the use of ICT. In the academic year 2021-2022, an updated media centre was started under the computer department.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The procedure for BSc Computer Science admission is mostly done on the basis of merit. The basic BSc Computer Science eligibility is a minimum aggregate of 50% in Class 12 Science with Mathematics as compulsory subject.

Programme Objectives:

  • To provide value-based education.
  • To achieve proficiency in programming.
  • To promote new trends in technology.
  • To develop problem solving skills.

Sanctioned Intake for B. Sc. Computer Science:


Sanctioned Intake

F.Y.B.Sc. Computer Science


S.Y.B.Sc. Computer Science


T.Y.B.Sc. Computer Science






Sr. NoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignationPhoto
1Mr. Chandrakant N. pansareM.Sc. Computer ScienceComputer Science

Assistant Professor
Head of Department

2Ms. Yogita R. IngaleM.Sc. Computer ScienceComputer ScienceAssistant Professor
3Ms. Anjum K. SayyedM.Sc. B.Ed.Mathematics & StatisticsAssistant Professor
4Ms. Tejaswini S. RajaleM.Sc. Computer ScienceComputer ScienceAssistant Professor
5Ms. Komal D. GhorpadeM.Sc. PhysicsElectronicsAssistant Professor
1Mr. Machhindra B. KateM.C.A B.Ed.Computer ScienceAssistant Professor 
2Mr. Sanjay W. MhaskeMathematicsMathematicsAssistant Professor 
1Mr. Yogesh V. WavareB.Sc. M.S.C.I.T.-Laboratory Assistant 
2Mr. Vishnu V. SapteS.S.C.-Peon


Eligibility Criteria:

  • The procedure for BSc Computer Science admission is mostly done on the basis of merit. The basic BSc Computer Science eligibility is a minimum aggregate of 50% in Class 12 Science with Mathematics as compulsory subject.

Student Strength: 2023-2024


Total Strength Sanctioned

Total Admitted Students

F.Y.B.Sc. CS



S.Y.B.Sc. CS



T.Y.B.Sc. CS






Timetable Semester I, III, IV 2023 - 2024

TimeClassLecture Hall No.MonTueWesThuFriSat
12:00 - 12:45F. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)14C (YRI)C (YRI)C (YRI)DBMS (TSR)DBMS (TSR)DBMS (TSR)
S. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)15Math -I (AKS)Math -I (AKS)Math -I (AKS)Math -II (AKS)Math -II (AKS)Math -II (AKS)
12:45 - 01:30F. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)14Math-I (SWM)Math-I (SWM)Math-I (SWM)Math -II (SWM)Math -II (SWM)Math -II (SWM)
S. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)15Elec-I (KDG)Elec-I (KDG)Elec-I (KDG)Elec-II (KDG)Elec-II (KDG)Elec-II (KDG)
T. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)16Python (YRI)Python (YRI)Python (YRI)CN-I (TSR)CN-I (TSR)CN-I (TSR)
01:30 - 02:15F. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)14Elec-I (KDG)Elec-I (KDG)Elec-I (KDG)Elec-II (KDG)Elec-II (KDG)Elec-II (KDG)
S. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)15Eng(AGA)Eng(AGA)Eng(AGA)Eng(AGA)D.S.(YRI)D.S.(YRI)
02:15 - 03:00F. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)14Stat-I (AKS)Stat-I (AKS)Stat-I (AKS)Stat-II (AKS)Stat-II (AKS)Stat-II (AKS)
S. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)15SE (TSR)SE (TSR)SE (TSR)D.S.(YRI)Environment Environment 
T. Y. B. Sc.(Comp Sci)16BTBTBTIP()IP()IP()
11:30 AM to 12:00 AM                                      L U N C H B R E A K
10:00 - 11:30Computer Lab [North Side] 'C & DBMS'
B2 [FY]
 'C & DBMS'
B3 [FY]
 DS & SE
B1 [SY]
 DS & SE
B3 [SY]
Comp Sci I (OS)
B1 [TY]
Comp Sci I (OS)
B3 [TY]
Computer Lab [South Side] 'C & DBMS'
B1 [FY]
 'C & DBMS'
 B4 [FY]
 DS & SE
B2 [SY]
 DS & SE
B4 [SY]
Comp Sci I (OS)
B2 [TY]
Comp Sci II (JAVA)
B1 [TY]
Lecture HallStat-III (AKS)
B3 & B4 [FY]
Stat-III (AKS)
B1 & B2 [FY]
Math-III (SWM)
B3 & B4 [FY]
Math-III (SWM)
B1 & B2 [FY]

Coming soon.....!

Faculty Performance

  • Yogita R. Ingale was participated in 7 days National Service Scheme camp at Madhi, Tal-Pathardi as Program officer.
  • Yogita. R. Ingale, Prof. Anjum. K. Sayyad, Prof. Tejaswini S. Rajale and Ankita R. Ingale has working as an Internal Examiner of University Practical Examination, Academic year 2022-2023 for F.Y. B.Sc. CS, S.Y. B.Sc. CS and T.Y. B.Sc. CS Department of Computer Science, Dadapatil Rajale Arts & Science College, Adinathnagar.
  • Chandrakant N. Pansare and Sanjay W. Mhaske has worked as subject experts in practical examination of F.Y. B.Sc. CS, S.Y. B.Sc. CS and T.Y. B.Sc. CS.
  • Faculty set the question papers of F.Y., S.Y. & T.Y. classes for second term practical examinations.
  • Chandrakant N. Pansare has worked as Technical Assistant for 3rd cycle of NAAC assessment and accreditation.
  • Yogita Ingle worked as a member in the 4th criteria for 3rd cycle of NAAC assessment and accreditation.


    • On 22th October 2022, seminar was organized by the Department of Computer Science on the topic of “Opportunities in Information Technology”. In this Seminar, Mr. Terence Nero (Principal Engineer – L&T Infotech, Pune) guided the students about cyber security and various security related using internet
    • Department of Computer Science, Chemistry & Placement cell jointly organized Tow days "Dell Future Ready Workspace Skills Training Program” sponsored by American India Foundation and Dell Technology. In this, program Mr. Abhijit Patade (Master Trainer Cum Counsellor, American India Foundation) guided the students on how skill development is important for this programme there are 200 students participated.
    • Everest of Maharashtra Kalsubai peak (5400 feet) night trek successfully completed under EcoTrek jointly organized by Department of Zoology, Physical Education & Sports and Department of Computer Science on 4th and 5th April 2023.

Department Features

  • Experienced and well qualified Teaching Staff.
  • Computer lab with more than 32 All in one Computers and 15 Desktop Computers
  • Department established Well-equipped Media Center
  • Smart Classroom using Smart Board with LCD Projector.
  • Unlimited Battery backup facility.
  • Large Seminar Hall with LCD Projector.
  • Weekly aptitude test.
  • Department of computer science arrange various Guest lectures for currier Guidance
  • Internet facility of 100 Mbps is available in the college as well as in the laboratory.
  • Department is well equipped with all necessary items required for modern teaching like books, stationary, laptop and LCD projector.