Science Association

About Science Association

The Science Association of Dadapatil Rajale College, Adinathnagar College was established with an aim to create awareness of science and scientific temperament among the students. The association organizes lectures, Field visits, and other competitions to engage the young minds to match the vision. The association organizes different events for the students and create scientific culture in their minds. The activities are open to all the students of Dadapatil Rajale College irrespective of their stream. The objective is to organize activities that will increase participation of the students in large number and create an opportunity to fill up their minds with innovative ideas of science for the benefit of shaping their future.


  • To create an atmosphere for the students who are having thirst for knowledge in science and its applications to day-to-day life
  • Aimed to bring the scientific environment in the college and make every student to involve in the activities either as an individual or as a team
  • To enhance the learning situations for the students by the experts from various specializations in the field of science.

Functions of the committee:

  1. Celebrations of several days related to science and organize programmes related to science. To create scientific approach among the students.
  2. To promote students to participate in competitions like “Avishkar”.

Activities of the committee:

  1. Information about Science quizzes and other competitions organized by other Institutes were communicated to the students.
  2. The National Science Day was celebrated on 28 th February 2023 and poster competition was organized in the college. Near about 50 students presented their posters on various topics in the programme. In this programme Prin. Dr. R. J. Temkar and Faculty members delivered speeches on Science and Technology.
  3. The above mentioned work was carried out with the help of guidance and support of Principal Dr. R. J. Temkar and other Members of the committee.

Committee (2022-2023)

Dr. Janardhan N. Nehul


Dr. A. R. Chaourpagar


Dr. S. D. Mhaske


Dr. S. R. Bharate


Mr. R. M. Bavaskar


Mr. D. B. Gaikwad


Dr. N. R. Kakade


Dr. D. N. Kandekar