Department of Mathematics

            The DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS is established in academic Year 1991-92. The programme offered by the department is at UG with Mathematics as subsidiary subject up to S.Y. B. Sc. The pattern for the years are Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with Semester pattern for F. Y. B. Sc. and S. Y. B. Sc. Continuous and spontaneous efforts are made to encourage the students to resolve academic as well as personal problems. Department had given full autonomy to implement any pattern which is beneficial to institution and welfare of students. The main aim of teaching and learning mathematics is to correlate mathematics with real human life in society and to utilize mathematics for solving problems of real world with required accuracy.

Students Strength 2022-23:




UG (BSc)






  • Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students:
            Students of S. Y. B. Sc., Gaikwad Dinesh Ashok and Avhad Pradip Ramdas are combinedly awarded second prize in POSTER EXHIBITION 2008-09 held at New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar on January 9, 2009.
  • Qualified SET Examination:
    1. Avhad Pradip Ramdas 23rd June 2019
    2. Kshirsagar Kishor Ashok 23rd June 2019

Head of Department

Prof. Dnyandeo N. Kandekar

B. Sc. (Stats.), M.Sc.(Maths.), B.Ed., SET, NET, PGDIM, Ph.D.