Electoral Literacy Club (ELC)

Institutional Initiatives for Electoral Literacy:

Whether Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) has been set up in the college|?

Yes, Electoral Literacy Club has been set up in the college in the year 2022 with the primary objective of sensitizing the student community about democratic rights.

Whether student’s coordinator and coordinating faculty members are appointed by the college and whether the ELCs are functional? Whether the ELCs are representative in character?

Yes, the college has duly constituted ELC consisting of the student representative as student coordinator (2) Faculty coordinator (1) and member (3) The College has established the Electoral Literacy Cell (ELC) to engage student’s youth through activities, to sensitize them on their electoral rights. The objectives of the ELC are: To educate the voters to build a truly participative democracy, to spread voter awareness with basic knowledge relate to the electoral process and to promote voter literacy among eligible citizens to vote and make an informed decision during the election.

What innovative programmers and initiatives undertaken by the ELCs? These may include voluntary contribution by the students in electoral processes-participation in voter registration of students and communities where they come from, assisting district election administration in conduct of poll, voter awareness campaigns, promotion of ethical voting, enhancing participation of the under privileged sections of society especially transgender, commercial sex workers, disabled persons, senior citizens, etc.

The ELC has organized various activities and programs to promote electoral literacy among the student’s youth and community. Following event are organized. 1. Constitutional day is celebrated every year to aware stakeholders of the constitutional values and contribution of the Constitution in Indian Democracy with the pledge. 2. National Voter Day and republic day were celebrated every year to educate stakeholders. 3. ELC of the college conducted District level essay competition, 4. The election department of Pathardi Tehsil conducted a demonstration on How to use EVM machine, VVPAT and Ballot on February 05, 2019 in the college. Volunteer of NSS, Students and Staff of the college participated in it. Through this demonstration students and staff of the college got information about election process. 5. The employees of the college are actively involved in the successfully completion of election of Grampanchayat, Legislative Assembly and Parliament through various duties assigned by the election commission. Employees are trained by the complete election process and the instruments used (EVM, Ballot and VVPAT) prior to elections.  

Any socially relevant project/initiatives taken by college in electoral related issues especially research projects, surveys, awareness drives, creating content, publications highlighting their contribution to advancing democratic values and participation in electoral processes.

The college celebrated National Voter Day every years. ELC has conducted various activities on the occasion of Voter day. Such as Online Quiz, organizing lecture and essay writing competition for voter awareness. Student’s representatives of ELC were instructed to students about the process of linking the Adhar Card with Voter ID card also informed about Voter Helpline App. Electoral Literacy Club takes initiatives for socially relevant issues by conducting group discussion on “Election Reforms in India”, distributed Pamphlet by student’s representative.

Extent of students above 18 years who are yet to be enrolled as voters in the electoral roll and efforts by ELC as well as affords by the college to institutionalize mechanisms to register eligible students as voters.

The college has taken initiative for the registration of all eligible voters from the college. The electoral Literacy Club strives to enroll all students who have eligible and completed 18 years of age in the electoral roll.